Selling Your Phoenix House

Should My Arizona Agent Do An Open House?

When you are in need of getting your agent fired up, quite a few topics usually do. One is For Sale by Owners, Zillow, dual agency, and the biggest of all The Arizona Agent open houses.

Many homeowners are asking the big question, “Should I do an open house?”

Is it Worth Having an Open House?

The majority of Arizona agents will tell you that the main reason for an agent to hold an open house is to generate more leads for themselves. Furthermore, for most agents it is true. However, for some Arizona Real Estate agents, they do it for another reason. Here is a video on how We Buy Houses In Phoenix without having an open house.

Many have a history when working with open homes and benefit the seller. The foremost reason is to sell the home at top dollar to clients in the shortest possible time.

When hosting an open house you will find clients looking at your beautiful home and the possibility of closing a contract within 24-hours are possible, especially while your home is open to people who can roam through it and find your home more intriguing than on the images supplied online. You may even be lucky to find a counteroffer with a client over the asking price while others try to counter offer at a lesser price.

The question remains, would the open home sell quickly if it were not an open home, maybe. Would the house have sold quickly for more if there had not been an open house not at all, as people do not want to visualize how a home looks like from seeing images placed online. They want to feel the interior of the home by viewing the larger picture and walking through it before, making a decision. R.J. Palano talks about how he uses open houses to sell homes that he purchased at wholesale prices.

Why Do Open Houses Not Work For Everyone

The majority of Arizona agents place a few signs and sit around in the home and most likely not going to get the home sold. You need to have a plan of action. First, the homes listed for sale with mailings and flyers with a professional image and a plan to attract loads of people in the home.

The best is when you have more than three people looking at an open house, as they know that there are more people interested and lead to quicker offers and need to make their offer a strong one if possible. Watch the video below to learn more:

Therefore, Should You Have an Open House?

This depends on many things! Just placing some signs and hanging around outside the home is not going to sell your home. However, if your open house is part of a bigger picture and plans to get your Phoenix home sold quickly for top dollar price, it will be beneficial.

If you want to know about different plans and concepts in planning an open home, call one of your local Arizona agents and they will be happy to talk to you about their plans. Arizona agents will make sure that your homes listed online – available to the public for viewing on days fitting in with your schedule. They will make sure that they sell it at top dollar prices.

RJ Palano Real Estate Investing Advice

Tips To Help You Get the Right Home Mortgage in Georgia

Whether you are buying a new home or a first time buyer, finding the best Georgia Real Estate Agent or right property is only part of the complete equation. Here you need to pay attention to financial concerns as well, such as applying for a mortgage. When it comes to paying the entire cost of their new home upfront it means that you need to apply for finance. Hardly any people can afford paying up front! RJ Palano has a few videos that teach you about this process.

If you are buying your first home, many are lost on how to obtain the best financing rates, even those who have previously bought a property need a refresher course on the complete process. Here are some helpful guidelines to make the mortgage process easier making sure you receive the best rates.

Are You Financially Stable

Before, you even think of looking at homes or talking to mortgage brokers, you need to know if you are financially stable. You need to know your credit rating and have minimum debt that includes vehicle payments, student loans, and credit cards. While observing your credit rating you need to do some sums on what type of home you can afford to buy, keeping the closing costs in mind.


Evaluate Mortgage Rates

When you finally do start looking for a Georgia Mortgage Broker, do not settle for the first one or one recommended by friends, family, or the Georgia Real Estate agent advising that this broker is the best. Shop around as the extra effort when evaluating mortgage rates will help you save thousands of dollars in the end.

Remember to Ask About All Fees

There are many fees involved in a mortgage process in addition to the mortgage rate. Some of the fees that you may encounter and forget to include is the mortgage insurance and loan origination fee. Make sure to ask about every fee supplied by the lender.

Confirm the Rate Lock Period

The rate lock period is the time provided by the mortgage broker guaranteeing the period that you will pay the rate they have quoted you. You want to make sure that you receive at least a 60-day rate lock period, as it will most likely take this long for you to settle the loan. To learn more about these type of loans Watch the RJ Palano Youtube Series.

Ask Those Important Questions

As a new homeowner, you will most likely have many questions when applying for a mortgage regarding the terms and process. If the lender or broker confuses you, ask them to explain it repeatedly. The best Georgia Mortgage Broker wants you to understand the entire situation and does not mind answering all your questions. It is vital as a new homeowner that you understand what is happening when making a large investment.

Always Pay Attention to the Fine Print

Before you finally sign the mortgage, make sure that you have read the entire document thoroughly. Make sure that you understand every detail of the contract and that the reflected terms and numbers agreed upon with the Georgia Mortgage Brokers stipulated in the document. As fine print could cause you great harm if something happens to go wrong with the final process ensuring that there are no hidden costs to creep out later and make your life miserable.